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How to knife a scarf snood

Knitting of a snood is a perfect project for beginners – they only take a couple of evenings to knit and look far more impressive than they are. Besides it snood is a wonderful woolly addition to your wardrobe. The larger needles and the thick wool simplify the work. 

Below you will find out how to knit a scarf snood. You will need the three skeins of semi-woolen yarn (for 250 m skeins) and needles No.7.  You may use the yarn of two-three different colors: a good combination will be for the yarn of gray, dark-gray and anthracite color.


Gain 51 loops and knit the following way:

1 selvage, 1 facial, 2 purl loops, 15 facial, 2 purl loops, 15 facial and 1 selvage.

Knit according to this scheme to create the volume braid pattern:

The scheme of the pattern:

Directions to the scheme:

«□» - facial loop on the facial side.

«–»  -  purl loop on the facial side, facial loop on the purl side

«←» - take off the five loops on additional needle, knit 5 facial loops and then knit 5 loops from an additional thread.

«→» - take off the five loops on additional needle, then knit 5 loops from an additional thread.

Knit the snood from first to the twentieth row, do not forget to make the cross-overs according to the scheme. Then knit with the thread of dark gray color and knit from the first to twenties rows, change the color of the thread again. Note that it can often be tricky to get the perfect length that neither strangles you nor sags down exposing your neck to the bitter chill. 

If you use three colors of the yarn, then repeat the pattern four times for each color. As result, you will knit the snood of 1 meter 45 cm. Join its ends and seam the ends, trim any excess wool.

Wear your snood with pride! 

Picture for this article was made by Ksusha Tkatcheva.


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