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Violet and clover lollipops

Lollipops are tasty, simple treats available in just about any store.  With just a few ingredients and a little bit of your time, you can create your own lollipops in just about any flavor and color imaginable; customize them for specific themes and parties.


150 g cup of sugar

¼ cup of corn syrup

¼ cup of water

Violet, green food coloring

Edible flowers (violet, clover)

Lollipop sticks


1.       Take a deep bowl, it is better to use a metal bowl.  Combine sugar, water, syrup and coloring.

2.       Put mixture on heat. Do not stir otherwise sugar can thicken. You need to get smooth and transparent consistency of the liquid.

3.       Drip a tiny drop of the syrup into cold water. If it hardens immediately, then the syrup is ready. If it remains soft, then keep cooking a bit. Pour syrup in shapes and add the sticks.

If you don’t have the shapes pour the small portions of syrup on parchment. One more method is to “wrap” the caramel around the stick and to dip it into cold water. 

 Time for decoration! Add the petals of violet and clover. Leave them for 30 minutes, lollipops should be hard and non-sticky. Wrap them in a thin film, or simply store in container. You may repeat several times before sucker is ready. 

For suckers preparation you may use various fruit juices, cocoa, honey or vanilla. Next time you can experiment with apple, lemon or cherry juice. If you make suckers for adults you may also add some rum or liqueur.

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