DIY flower of zipper

Handmade flower of zipper could become unusual and creative decoration which will bring you so much fun! You can create it as a gift and surely surprise someone you want to give it! Such handmade stuff done from ordinary things which you never thought that way - are my favourite, so let's start working!

Zipper can be ideal for handmade purposesbecause it can be purchased at any sewing accessories storeEspecially popular are flowers from zippers. Such handmade flowers can be used for decorating your sweateras well as handbags. Handmade accessory will look very beautiful and elegant in the hairWith the help of set of such flowersyou can even make a denim bouquetIn generalno matter how you use a handmade flower of zipperit will look unusual and creative!

What is required to make a flower of zipper?

- zippers;

- a needle;



You can make handmade flower from  zipper in two main ways.

1 Method:

For such craftyou do not need a whole zipperbut half of itBefore starting workit is necessary to unzip and cut off one partNow one edge of zipper should be rolled around in a circle and sewed to an end of segment. The threadit is used for further folding on same principle. Next you need to roll up your zipper so it looks like the "infinity" signWe continue to connect other "petalsof flower and gently sew it with a thread. When all petals are readyyou can start to finish middlewithout cutting off any part of zipperbut simply folding it in a spiral. Turn over zipper into a flower.

2 Method:

In this version you should use a full zupper length of 50 cmand not even cut off the sliderYou just need to stretch basebut not to endand immediately form two petalswhich are sewn with a slider at bottom of a floweras if it is a stalk. Fold other petals in the same wayoverlapping each other and creating a 3D effect.


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