DIY Decorated flower pots

If you like flowers and greens, and at home you have many flowerpots, what you can do handmade - is to create an individual design for your pots!

The original modern pots, painted or decorated for domestic plants are very expensive, so making them handmade is an excellent solution! Just look at the photos, how beautiful and original can be your individual pots!

Moreover, you do not need to have artistic skills, to be able to draw or illustrate, just your desire and imagination will be enough for handmade masterpieces!

For those who do not know how to draw - you can decorate pots with simple techniques, draw geometric shapes, humble points or small details. Also, you can use templates or stencils. Simply cut out the necessary pattern, attach the stencil to the pot, and paint the carved space.

If you can draw, you can freely choose a pattern that will decorate your pot. Also, you can use stickers, decals, scrap-booking techniques.

Also, you can make the textural design for your pots. Ypu should just wrap them with a dense thread or yarn. Or paste small pebbles on the facade of the pot. It can also be shells, coins, broken glass, and other small details.

The main thing is to choose the theme of your new pot, and to enjoy the process, then the result will also be very pleasant for you!


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