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DIY Chalk Paint & Beautiful Painted Stones

Summer brings us a lot of joy and loads of gifts from nature after walks and camping adventures, especially when you go with kids. Tones of cute little pebbles and stones are brought home and – sadly – soon enough find themselves among the garbage in the bin. But actually you can them into brilliant home décor! If you know what to do with them, of course :) So here’s a simple tutorial on how to turn ordinary pebbles into treasures with some chalk paint and easy design.

First of all, you need some chalk paint. To make  it you will need:

- Acrylic paint

- Modeling plaster (use not quick-setting plaster)

- Water

The mixing ratio of the three components is 3:1

First give three parts of acrylic paint into a container, then add some gypsum and one part of water. And mix it well so that you will get a creamy color. Depending on the color, it takes a little more plaster or water. The mixture must not be too liquid.

Think of some simple geometric design or simply add some lines or dots. After the paint dries you’ll have loads of beautiful Decostones. 

What are they  good for? Put them into a ceramic, china, wooden or glass bowl or vase to add some boho fleur to your interior. 

Create a picture with them. 

Use them as your working desk décor or paper press.

 Leave them as they are or offer everyone who comes to visit to take one as a small gift.

What would you use them for?

Idea, design and photography:  Nica Sotiropoulos 


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