Piper Wood

How To Make A Rag Rug

To weave a rag rug, the following things are required to us:

  • Various fabrics for rags;
  • Needle and threads;
  • Pins.

Begin weaving. The rug will consist of spiral twirled braid which is weaved out of three rag rags, it is desirable different color (depends on taste). Rigidity of a rug is defined by that, the braid is how densely weaved. The more weakly, the is more fluffy and the rug will be softer. Cut a strip of width demanded to you and start.

Further you need to solve an uncommon problem — how to continue to spin if the rag has ended, without imposing knots at the same time. It is quite simple to solve such problem — make a cut on the ends of both strips as in drawing and pass strips one throughout another, forming a loop.

After rather long braid has turned out, it is necessary to transform it in a rug. Here everything is extremely simple — it is accurately stacked on a spiral and take a thread.

Bring it to diameter necessary to your and that's all — the rag rug is ready. For fans of experiments it is possible to advise not to sew spiral rounds threads, and to bind by means of an additional strip.


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