Melody Dixon

Crochet Swimsuit

What Will You Need?

Yarn. You can use cotton but it will dry longer, so you want to use microfiber. A crotchet № 1 – 1.5. Orange yarn (primary color) - 150 g and yellow yarn 50 g.


Step 1. You have for parts. Two cups and two trim parts. This is the size 75 В.

Step 2. Cast on 40 chain stitches for the detail number 1 (it is yellow) and make it with the double crochet decreasing from both sides checking with the pattern and adjusting the part. This is what you get.

Step 3. Make the second part similarly. It is orange (primary color). Cast on at least 62 chain stitches for it.

Step 4. Join the two parts.

Step 5. Make the second cup similarly.

Step 6. Crochet the trim for the outer edge. It is orange as well. You can make any pattern you wish. Here’s 4 rows of "cones".

Make symmetrical tilts at the edges in order to be able to sew them together toe-to-toe. Then crochet the piping cord for the inner edge (underarm). Choose the pattern you like, just make sure it is harmonizes with the decoration.

Step 7. This is the assembly and the finish step.

Sew the "cones" décor to the cup overlapping but with a brow. Sew some beads to the edges. Then sew the cord from the other side. Find its length depending on the length of the cup and the tie.

Adjust the cups according to your size. Crochet the cups from below with two rows of double crochets joining both cups and fixing them.

Crochet one more cord like those ties for neck but a little wider. Then sew it to the lower corners of both cups overlapping the lower knitting.

Finally make several chain stitches with cones on their ends and sew them to the cups’ edges! Here’s an example. There are four chains from each side:

Then crochet the bottom. It is a little easier. Take your most comfortable ordinary panties. Stretch them a little and attach to some horizontal surface (a piece of foam rubber or an ironing board). Crochet the panties checking them with the ordinary ones. Don’t sew the top ends together at once. Make the "cones" first. Then crochet the piping cord and stitch the edge. Sew some beads to the "cones". Then make the same chain stitches with “cones” at the edges to fininsh the ties.

Here’s what you should get.


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