Keira Greene

Crochet Christmas Tree

You can use this small soft Christmas tree as a decoration for a big one or as a keychain. You can put it next to guests’ plates on a Christmas table, to present it to someone or to make a needle bar from it.

You will need the following material to make this Christmas tree:

  • green threads;
  • crochet;
  • beads for decoration;
  • cottonwool;
  • a needle and a thread.

This soft Christmas tree is very fast and easy to knit: even beginners will handle this process. Moreover, if you are teaching your children to make handmade things, this toy can be used as a great example. It is made from two details that are knitted together. So, let the knitting begin!

Let’s start with throwing first loop on a hook and knitting one air loop.
Then let’s knit a simple column into this loop.

Then we have to deploy our knitting and knit one air loop along with two simple columns.

The next row consists of four columns and one air loop at the beginning. Starting from here you have to add two more loops in each row: each one at one side of the row, knitting two simple columns from the last loops. And so we’ll have 6 columns and one lifting loop in this row.

Now we have to make 9 loops – 8 columns and 1 lifting loop.

We have to knit 11 loops in the next row.

And we have to finish with 13 loops in the last row. Now the first triangle of our Christmas tree is ready and you have to cut the thread.

We continue knitting with a new thread, stepping 4 columns away from the beginning of first triangle. We have to knit 2 simple columns into fifth one.

Then we have to knit three more simple columns, ending the row with two columns from one loop. You have 4 columns left until the end of the row.

Then we have to continue knitting the same way as we did when we were knitting the first triangle: 9 loops in the next row, then 11 and 13 loops. But after this we have to knit one row without adding any loops.

We add loops again in the last row and knit 15 columns.

Then we cut the thread one more time, turn the triangle over and look at the result.

We have to start knitting third triangle now. To do so, step 4 loops away from the edge of a second triangle and start knitting with two columns from one loop again. Then knit 5 simple columns and knit two ones from one again. We’ll have 9 loops then.

We knit the last triangle this way: make 9 loops in a first row, 11 in a second, 13 in a third, 15 in fourth and fifth ones, and 17 in a last, sixth row.

And then we knit the second half of a Christmas tree the same way.

Now we have to connect two of these halves together. We do this with the help of simple columns, starting from the side of a lower triangle and moving to the top of a tree.

After we reach the top, we start working with another side.

We slowly reach the base of our Christmas tree. Remember that you have to hide thread inside a tree while knitting.

We put cottonwool in our Christmas tree through the part that hasn’t been sewed yet.

Then we finish with binding of the bottom.

Now we have to decorate our Christmas tree. To do so, use acrylic crystal pendants.

And bright acrylic beads.


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