Adelyn Elliott

Crochet Tablecloth

A DIY crocheted tablecloth will make your home cozy and warm. However, you can cheat and make a tablecloth using many small doilies sewn together. This job is much easier, though monotonous.

A tablecloth from square doilies. It has a size of 170×120 cm (doilies sewn together 10×7 pcs). One square is 17×17 cm. You can make it larger or smaller, if necessary. The pieces of the following sizes 85×85 cm (a doily) and 100×50 cm (a runner) look very nice together.

To make a tablecloth, you will need: 900 g undyed soft cotton thread (for the doily 250 g and 350 g for the runner, respectively) and a hook No.2.

To crochet the first piece, cast 6 chains and close it in a round with a crochet.

In the 1st row make 3 turning chains and then crochet repeating the scheme * 3 chains (ch) and 1 double crochet (dc) in the round. * Close this row with a crochet in the last turning chain, repeat for all the next rows.

Start each row with turning chains; the number is shown on the scheme. The second row consists of single crochets in the stitches of the first row.

The 3d row gives the piece a square shape. Crochet *4 ch, 1 treble crochet (tc), 8 ch, 1 tc (in the same stitch of the previous row), 4 ch, 1 dc*.

The 4th row is crocheted in double and single crochet stitches.

In the 5th row treble crochets are alternating with chains.

6-9 rows are almost similar. Add to each row a one more combination of a double crochet and 3 chains. Use the scheme to count the combination of stitches and stitches in each row.

The 10th row has 4 long combinations. After completing this row, you can see a "flower" pattern on the doily.

The final 11th row is crocheted in chains and double crochets.

Following the scheme, crochet the second piece and all 70 subsequent pieces of your future tablecloth.

The next step is sewing all the pieces together.


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