Lucy Wannamaker


Surely, you have already seen pictures of such cakes on the Internet. And, perhaps you have often wondered how to make them with your own hands? Of course, the idea of such a cake attracts attention, because this gift looks very impressive, unusual and original! What if I tell you that to make it is really easy? You only have to make a little effort and turn on your imagination, and it will take you a little time.

So, let's begin. You will need:

 several cardboard sheets

 crepe paper,

 a glue gun,

 a double sided tape,

 some satin ribbons,

 chocolates «Kinder Surprise»,

 a box of «Raffaello»

To start with, form a cake base, using cardboard sheets.

To make it, it is important to pre-calculate the required number of sweets or chocolates. You will need to make the cardboard base in the shape of a circle, sticking it together with the glue gun.

Make also another layer in the form of a circle of smaller diameter. Glue the cardboard bottom to the base.

Wrap both bases using crepe paper and fixing them in several places. Now let’s start working with chocolates - you need to apply some glue on their back side and stick the chocolates to the base of the cake. The same way, cover the whole area of the base. Then, decorate the chocolates with the help of satin ribbons.

As a final step, you need to put the box of «Raffaello» on top of the cake. Done! Please your friends and family with such creative little sweet presents!


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