Jessy Kay

5 Minute Break

No matter what kind of artist or crafter you are, it is important to make small breaks - magical 5 minutes, which will save you from 'overheating'. 

Certainly, everyone has their own way to spend these 5 minutes. Here are some productive and funny ways to do this:

1. Relax with music.

Turn on your favorite music and drown in the world of music. It sounds great, and it will give you a few blissful minutes away from the working chaos. 

2. Look at green! 

Psychologists assured that when you look at something green, you can relax and become more productive quickly. It can be a plant, screen saver on your desktop or everything green that comes to mind. I love to look at pictures of houses overgrown with plants or green ice cream. 

3. Reading.

Of course, if convenient, you can read 1-2 pages of a book. But it is better to read a passage aloud to train the speech. It will relax your brain perfectly.

4. Exercises.

Here, just like in the early grades of school, get up and do a few exercises. Fit, healthy and relaxed!

5. Expanding horizons.

Watch TED lecture or news about great art exhibitions in the world. Discover something new.

6. Make the wish list.

Write all that you want to get done during the year or month. The main thing, of course, not to lose this list. 

7. Plan your time.

Look for interesting events in your area and plan to visit them. Again, it helps you to distract and discover some new ideas.

8. Look around and describe the environment.

Write down everything that creeps into your head in the notebook, even complete nonsense, which comes out from the subconscious. It develops your imagination. 

9. Photography.

Try to photograph something from an unusual angle, find new shapes and shades. This is an excellent exercide that develops thinking outside the box. 

10. Just escape for coffee.

Just run away!

There are much more things we can do in 5 minutes, but make sure that you're really relaxing!


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