Catharine Dawson

Cosmic tea set

In this article I describe how to make an elegant design for a teapot. It is a good present for true tea-lovers. They will enjoy the tea-drinking with such a unique teapot.  You can reproduce similar pictures on cups and saucers. The whole work may take approximately 1,5 hours.


Acrylic paints of black, blue, violet, pink, cyan and white colors

Ceramic teapot

Airbrush or water spray

Sponges of different sizes

Round paintbrush

Matted varnish


Step 1. Take sponge with acrylic paint and cover the teapot, use the darkest color. A main principle is to stay creative, you don’t need to create any specific pattern. Then add cyan, violet, pink and blue colors, covering the teapot. Note, that sponge should always remain dry. 

Step 2. Now you have to create an “aquarelle” effect. The best effect will be reached when acrylic paint dries up. Use airbrush (water spray) to make this effect. Splash up the teapot till you see a white surface of the teapot.  

Step 3. Continue covering the teapot with a paint and splash it up again as it was described in Step 2. Then look on your teapot carefully and think what should be added to complete composition? You will need a small star or few more stars. Use a thin brush with acrylic paint to create the stars. 

Now you have to fix the teapot with a varnish.

Finish your work and enjoy your tea drinking with renewed tea set.

Link for pictures which were used in this article:


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