Dawn Brown

Unusual Beauty: Collages By Matt Wisniewski

Once I had saved a couple of his images to my inspiration folder, and then I realized they were by the same artist, Matt Wisniewski.

He uses different images to create collages that look like a cross between double exposure photography and watercolor painting. I’m in love! I think his work would look perfect in a room with all-white decor; I’m imagining a bedroom with white walls, white bedding, shaggy white carpet and nothing else on the walls but one of these collages – the best environment to wake up early in the morning!

The process begins with images from Tumblr and other online portfolios. A few experimental overlays later, Wisniewski lights on something that catches his eye.

Matt admits that for most of his life, he has been experimenting with various artistic media.  He is fascinated by the creative imagery on display in the web which he is also part of.

Looking at his works I also start thinking of some fantastic dreaming and surrealistic world of people and nature combined together. It’s very inspirational.

Well, that's how digital art works!


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