Harmony Hansen

Tunisian Crochet

Tunisian crochet creates a tight patch of woven yarn. For Tunisian crochet, you will need a special long hook that you should hold like a needle. You do not need to turn the piece over while knitting.

Basic Techniques

Cast on a chain of hanging loops.

Front row: knit a hanging turning chain, enter the hook through the chain loop, pull the thread and leave the loop on the hook. Continue to knit the same way with all loops remaining on the hook.

Wrong side row: make a yarn-over through the first loop, then a yarn-over through the two next loops. Continue to knit the same way until one loop remains on the hook.

For the next right side row cast on loops like for the first right side row. The hook should enter in the vertical part of a loop from left to right, pulling the thread and moving on to the next loop.

Knit the following wrong side row as described above.

Completion Of The Work

With Tunisian knitting you need bind off. The edge will be neat, if you make a row of connecting crochets and single crochets.


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