Harmony Hansen

How To Decorate A Cubicle

Cubicles are known as cold and soulless workplaces. You can make it cozy, bringing a few things from the home and changing organization of space.

Put Things In Their Places

1. Tidy the mess. One of the reasons why you feel uncomfortable at your workplace is that you have to work with a bunch of paper, staplers, folders spread out all over the table (and there is also a lunch in the container). Put things in their places, and you will feel better.

2. Arrange documents into folders. It will eliminate the mess and make your work easier as all documents will be arranged. Start with small piles of papers: documents that you work on; documents you have already processed; documents that you want to remove in the archive. Make a separate pile with papers not related to work on the floor to clear up the workplace.

3. Promise yourself to tidy you workplace at the end of each day. IBM company has this as a corporate rule, and other companies start following its example. If it is not a common practice in your company, become an exception. When you come in office in the morning, clean and tidy desk will provide you with work mood.

Pleasant Lighting

1. See about the light Lighting has a significant impact on the human mood. Your workplace can feature bright fluorescent light, but you can make it more enjoyable. Below there are few useful tips.

2. Create a tranquil atmosphere with dim light. Buy a small table lamp with a 40-watt light bulb. Put the lamp near your computer or on the desk so that the working space was illuminated, but it did not shine in your eyes. Very soon you won't understand how you worked before - this small light source will significantly increase the quality of light, and maybe you will even stop noticing the light from the ceiling soon.

3. If you would like more natural lighting, talk to your boss. He may allow you to move the table or change the cubicle. You’d better talk to him about it only if it is really important for you, and do not think that your boss will guess about it himself on your pale complexion. Ask, and it may happen that your request will be satisfied.

Home, Sweet Home

1. Bring at work a part of your home.

2. Put on the table one or more simple plants.

3. Bring a small blanket or a pillow.

4. Place in your cubicle photos, posters and postcards with the images of nature.


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