Brooklynn Robertson

Crochet Christmas Ornaments

Another idea for the Christmas – crocheted openwork balls for the Christmas tree.

You will need yarn like iris (cotton or acryl), a crochet number 1.5 or number 2, balloons, white glue or starch.

There is a plenty of schemes. Here’s a couple of them.

Option 1

Option 2

Option 3

Begin knitting according to the chosen scheme.

Knit a half of the ball and cut the thread.

Then knit another half of the ball the same way and knit the two halves together in the last row.

Now pass a balloon through the hole and inflate it so it stretches the knitting. Tie the balloon.

The best way for the balls to retain the shape is to spread the white glue all over them. You can spread the glue with a brush or dilute it in water 2:1 and dip the balls in.

You can also stiffen them with starch.

Leave them until they dry (about a day), then puff the balloons carefully and take them out. They say that balloons stick to the knitting sometimes, but if the ratio of the glue-water solution is correct you won’t have any problems and the balls will be sturdy.

You can decorate the Christmas tree with them or hang them on a chandelier, or curtains.

Here’s another idea. You can knit a ball based on any flower you like.

Join the petals round.

Then join the two halves like in the first case.

You can paint the balls gold or any other color.

The holes may be too big, so you can fill the ball with something. There is a way out below.

Of course, to light a candle you’ll need a much bigger ball, but the idea is nice. You can also put some toys inside a bigger ball (a Santa Claus, candy canes, birds, or angels, smaller balls and other shiny things).


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