Brianna Myers

Origami Swan

It is one of the simplest schemes of a swan of paper triangles. For creation of such swan you need 458 white modules and one red (or orange) for a beak.

So let's start. Start doing the first two rows. Take three modules and it is had this way.

Insert corners of two modules into pockets of the third.

Take two more modules and connect to the turned-out design.

Then, in the same way connect two more modules. . . also understand that a design sickly and starts collapsing in hands at each careless movement. Be not upset in order that all this kept more strong, you will collect at once three rows.

For this purpose take the module and have it like this.

Also repeat a trick of an insert of corners in pockets.

This way it is collected three rows. Each row consists of 30 modules. Also sphere them.

Further, similar to the third row put on modules of the fourth and fifth row.

Now take two hands at the left and on the right the received short skirt, thumbs accurately press the middle, turning out a product.

Instead of a short skirt receive a saucer.

Edges it is accurately bent giving to a product here such form up:

Side view.

Bottom view.

Put on sixth row of modules in the same way as well as previous further (without forgetting that modules settle down in chessboard order).

From a seventh row start doing wings. In the same way as well as previous rows dress 12 modules. Then pass two corners (from two next modules) and dress 12 more modules. On the passed place with two corners there will be a neck, and on wider site - a tail.

In the following row reduce each wing by one module. Respectively, in each wing of an eighth row will be on 11 modules

Side view.

So reduce each number of wings by one module while it only one does not remain (on the course of a putting in of wings slightly them it is curved, giving the necessary form).

Turn a swan to yourself by the back and make a tail (too by the principle of reduction by one module in each row).

It is necessary to make a neck and the head of a swan. For it it is required to us 19 white and one red module. In red it is better to stick together in advance corners that the swan had no doubled beak. The neck a little on another gathers. Take two modules and have them be this way.

Insert corners of one into pockets of the second.

And in the same way collect all others, curving at assembly as necessary.

Now accurately get a neck on left two corners. The swan is finished.


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