Hadley Barnes

Origami Star

Guess how to make a beautiful pentagonal paper star? Easily! The ancient Japanese art of origami will help you. Below you can find the detailed instructions, and here is the brief preface -ideas about how to use it. Garlands? - Of course! As well as decorations for the Christmas tree, cards, single pendants to decorate the room.

That will we need to make it? A square sheet of paper. You can make the process much easier, just download the pentagon template and print it out. You can find it here. In case if you do not have a printer, do the following:

1. Fold a sheet of paper in half.

2. Fold the lower left corner to the center of the top edge.

3. Fold the upper left corner to the center of the bottom edge.

4. Fold the lower right corner to the resulting point (the point where two folds cross).

5. Put the angle on the right edge of the template.

6. Put the bottom edge on the fold line.

7. Turn over the template and fold it "in half"

8. Cut along the line.

We got a pentagon.

Make folds along the lines on the picture.

Put the points together.

Repeat these steps for side of the pentagon.

Fold along the lines, and our star is practically ready.

It remains only to "modify" it slightly by making another 5 folds (one fold for each side).

And our five-pointed origami star is ready.


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