Brianna Myers

How To Draw An Eagle

Today we will learn how to draw an eagle with a pencil. Favorite habitat of this proud bird is the forest-steppe, after there is a lot of various production there: squirrel, marten, gopher, jerboa, partridge and others. And eagles eat only fresh meat, the drop them does not interest them. The largest eagle is a golden eagle, the length of its body reaches 93 centimeters, and wingspan - 180-240 centimeters.

Before start drawing, I advise you to watch attentively any photos of an eagle: to consider a body structure, a beak, eyes, a color of a bird.

1. At first all contours are shown by thin, hardly noticeable line that there was an opportunity to correct an error. At first draw a beak - typically eagle, hook-shaped and deflexed, rather high.

2. From a beak conduct the line of the head aside: rise up, then go down to a neck.

3. From the lower part of a beak draw a neck and a convex breast of an eagle down. From above start tracing a wing.

4. Let's show back part of a wing and paw of our predator. Behind by means of the zigzag line represent plumage.

5. Draw the wing: conduct the smooth line along a breast and finish it behind a wing, drawing couple of zigzags feathers.

6. Finish paws: they are powerful, with very strong claws, have feather to fingers.

7. Draw a tail. It has average length and rounded off behind.

8. Claws are a powerful and strong weapon of a predator which is necessary for it in hunting. Over a beak arrange small, but very sharp-sighted eye. Over the lower line of a beak, repeating it, draw a line.

9. Here our drawing is almost ready. It's only left to clean not turned out lines. It is possible to lead round a contour and to paint.

That's it, I hope you have learnt how to draw an eagle with a pencil!


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