Jade Tucker

Origami Gun

Every boy will find it interesting to make an origami gun himself. And it’s even better to get together in a team, to take up arms, and to act out a decent gunplay. Making an origami gun is as easy as making a paper chair.

You need to prepare a few sheets of office paper, scissors and duct tape. To make the gun’s frame redouble a standard sheet of paper. Fold the rectangle along in half two times. Fix the edges with the duct tape.

Bend this strip in the form of chute. Raise the sides perpendicularly. They should be long enough to meet each other if folded completely. Roll a tube 4 cm. in diameter and 10 cm. long of a sheet folded along in half. Make angled folds along it, so as to make the section rectangular and with the width equal to the frame’s width. Make an oblique cut from above. This is the gun’s grip. Fix it to the frame using the duct tape.

Fix a strip to the back of the frame using the duct tape. The width of the strip should be equal to the width of the frame. Bend the strip down gently and fix it to the grip. Apply a suitable piece of paper to the hole between the strip and the grip from both sides and fix it with the duct tape. Make a safety bracket of a folded thin strip and fix its ends to the grip and the frame of the gun.

Roll the barrel 1 cm. in diameter. Its length should be equal to the frame’s length. Cut a square tray for a cartridge. Fix the rectangle under the barrel; this is the barrel’s mount to the frame. Fix a paper strip to a side of the mount, this strip will be closing the tray in the assembled receiver.

Fix the barrel to the frame with the help of narrow duct tape strips. As you can see, it is at some distance above the frame. This gap is required to let the receiver’s mounts backlash.

Make a lid for the receiver (shutter). Redouble a standard sheet. Bend it along in half and fix its edges with the duct tape. Give it a square shape. The width of the shutter should equal the width of the frame, and the skirting should be hiding the barrel and adjoining the frame. Arrange the shutter above the barrel, move it 3 cm. back, and mark the spot near the cartridge tray. In this very spot cut out a rectangle slot for the ejection. Fix a narrow paper strip to the bottom of the shutter’s front part. It will be holding the shutter fixing it to the barrel. Draw the shutter on the barrel. Move it back until it is leveled with the frame. Raise the rear part a little, pass a paper strip in the gap, and fix it under the shutter at 3 cm. from the rear end. Now the shutter is fixed with the strips.

You can load the origami gun moving the shutter back and returning it to the initial position. For the proper functioning, you need to make the cartridges holder. You can make it of a tube folded as a rectangle. Its diameter should let it go inside the grip firmly and not to fall.

The cartridge holder is inside the grip, the shutter is pulled back and forth, and the gun is loaded. You shouldn’t be afraid of any bandits.

Now you know how to make an origami gun.


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