Lyla Freeman

Origami Ring

Among the different adornments that can be made of paper a lovely origami ring will attract attention for sure. You can make it of a solid sheet of paper. The scheme below shows how to make an origami ring. Right after that, you can make a jewelry box. The picture and the scheme are available on this website.

You will need a square sheet of paper with the sides of different colors. Fold it diagonally two times. Fold the upper and the lower corners to the middle.

Spread the sheet. Fold the upper and the lower corners to the upper fold line. Do the same moves to the lower fold line.

Now the blank is divided into eight strips diagonally.

Fold the lower part of the blank, so as to level the corner with the middle of the detail.

Fold the lower strip in half along the marked line.

Fold the next strip to the middle in the same way. Fold two strips in the upper part in the same way. Bend the blank vertically forming a «chute». Fold the corners in the folded area to the center. Insert the corners inside the form along the fold lines.

They start making a paper plane in the same way.

Fold the upper layer of the detail to the horizontal line. Turn the blank upside down and repeat. Spread the strips from behind. The central part should be positioned vertically.

Draw the ends of the blank the opposite ways. Press the center of the protruding area and you will get a triangle in the center of the detail.

Bring the corners from the bottom together. Insert the corner of one fold into the other fold. The ring is ready.

The given scheme shows how to make an origami ring with your own hands in a quite detailed way. However, if you still have something that you don’t understand the video below will help you to clarify the situation.


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