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How To Draw A Hand

In this lesson, I suggest you to draw a hand in its classical situation - the unclenched fingers, a palm down. Perhaps, you need to draw the hand squeezed in a fist or a hand by a palm up. Or to draw the connecting hands, as in background drawing. Anyway, it is a lesson will help you to draw hands. To draw both hands, you can draw one hand, and another one can be copied. Study in the beginning attentively your hand, pay attention to length of fingers, all proportions. It is possible even to depict a hand contour if you are going to draw it full-scale.

1. Hand contour marking

Really, if you need to draw a hand on all sheet of paper, it is simpler to depict a contour of your hand, and after, using some councils from this lesson only to add fine details. If you need to draw a hand in the reduced scale, put two end for a wrist and five points for fingers in the beginning. Pay attention that not an index, but middle finger on a hand the longest.

2. Direct planimetric lines of fingers

Length of fingers of a hand happens different. They say, very long fingers at musicians. Noblemen considered that long and distinguished fingers emphasize an aristocratic origin. Perhaps, but we will draw a usual hand therefore divide a piece where there will be a little finger in half, and draw from it a line, parallel to the points planned earlier. For a thumb draw a rectangular contour.

3. Draw real contours of fingers

At this stage you need to lead round only a pencil rectilinear contours of fingers and to give them the real forms. Perhaps, these preliminary contours will be inexact, then, the shape of each finger can be specified separately.

4. General shape of a hand

On this step it is possible to correct contours of fingers. To make "corner" for a thumb is deeper, but it is possible to leave also an initial contour, on your discretion. Make a marking of phalanxes and remove excess planimetric lines from drawing.

5. Drawing is almost finished

First of all, draw nails on fingers. Allocate with several strokes joints of fingers and it is possible to tell, drawing of a hand is finished. It is necessary only to draw some details in the following step.

6. How to draw a hand. Shadows

If the person of a hand in joints has "wrinkles" or folds which stretch when fingers clench, make these sites more dark. Between fingers there is an area which needs also to be allocated. That the hand looked volume in drawing, it is possible to make part of lines of a contour more dark and thicker. In that case solve, from what side there will be a lighting source. Can seem that absolutely simply to draw a hand. Try to draw, and after compare the hand to the turned-out drawing.


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