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How To Make An Origami Owl

For some time, an owl has become a widely-spread image – it is printed on clothes, pictured on cups, stationery and so on. So that, owl theme has also penetrated into modular origami – the technique of three dimensional handicrafts making. An origami owl made of triangular modules will be a wonderful decoration of the worktable for those, who like to sit up very late. So such an owl is a suitable variant for a present. Let us call your attention to the detailed description, how to make a modular owl.

A Modular Origami Owl – A Step-By-Step Master Class

For making a three dimensional origami owl, you will need:

  • The colored paper of black, white, blue and pink colors;
  • Paper eyes;
  • A bow made of a satin ribbon.

The assemblage of the origami modular owl is made according to the following scheme.

For this, we need to prepare triangular modules in the next quantity:

  • 274 of the blue color;
  • 102 of the black color;
  • 62 of the white color;
  • 1 pink triangular for a beak.

Starting the assemblage:

Take 2 blue modules and join them with the third one of the blue or black color. Make the work pieces in three rows, the last one should consist of 22 modules. Join the connected modules against each other, and gather them all in a ring.

Go on the 4th, 5th and 6th rows using 20 blue modules and 2 black ones. In the 7th row we use only blue modules, still 22 of them. In the 8th row – again 22 blue modules.

The 9th row – the same. The 10th row – take one white module and put it, so that it is set over the middle of the black rows underneath, add 21 blue modules. The 11th row – 2 white modules connected with the lower ones, 20 blue.

The 12th row – 3 white modules and 19 blue ones. The 13th row – 4 white modules and 18 blue ones. The 14th row – 9 white modules and 11blue ones.

Making the neck, change the direction of the modules. The 15th row – 8 white modules, 14 blue ones. The 16th row – change again the direction of the modules. 9 white modules, 13 blue ones. The 17th row – 8 white modules, 12 black ones.

The 18th row – join a black module in the centre of our construction. Get 3 and 2 white modules on each side, further, get around 15 black modules. The 19th row – join 12 black modules, 6 ones from each side symmetrically. The 20th row is an ear. Join 2 and 1 black modules from each side, and 3 white ones – in the middle.

The 21st row – 2 and 1 black module from each side, 2 white modules in the middle. The 22nd row – get one black module from each side and one white module in the middle. The 23rd row – join two black modules.

The 24th row – join one black module. The ear is ready. The second ear is made by analogy. Both ears are ready.

In the 18th row, add the pink module between two white modules for a beak.

Glue the eyes and bow on. A lovely origami modular owl is ready.


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