Hadley Barnes

Origami Dragon

If you have previously made origami, it has probably been the simple crane. It will make the base for our dragon. If you haven’t, it doesn’t matter. It is quite easy to make a paper dragon. You’ll find it easy to make this craft and will even teach your children to make an origami dragon. Making origami develops children’s memory and motor skills. It is also a good pastime and the occasion to make a new puppet for the dragon tale.

To create such a dragon, you will need a double-sided square sheet of colored paper and a bit of time!

1. Make a simple crane. Fold the sheet diagonally, vertically and horizontally. Fold a double square using the crease lines from the previous step.

2. In the next step fold to the center the side edges of the square. Do this twice on both sides of the square to get a diamond. Then unfold the edges. Gently bent up the lower part of the diamond using previous crease lines. Do the same with the opposite side. We got a thin sharp diamond. Fold down its top corner.

3. Following the photos, make a square on the top of the diamond and fold it inwards. To make a flat cut on the top, you need to fold slightly and bent upward the sharp edges of the diamond. Then fold them in half inward.

4. To make the wings’ template, fold the diamond tips in opposite directions and connect them in the center, as shown on the photo. Do it on both sides.

5. Now let's make the base for the tail and the head for our origami dragon. Fold two remaining acute angles slightly inwards so that they are parallel to the wings.

6. To make our dragon more realistic make him the hind feet following the photo instructions.

7. Finish the tail. First, let's make it more flat, outline creases and give it bulk and shape by bending it slightly upward.

8. Make the fore feet the same you did the hint feet.

9. Let’s make the head. Two folds upward and downward will make the second last step of the assembly. These folds will make the head.

10. Add bulk to the wings, (just spread them with your fingers and lightly bend their tips upward), this step is up to your fancy.

Your dragon is finished.

It’s a good toy for both children and adults.


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