Andrea Marshall

Origami Rose

To make the paper rose you will need colored double-sided paper, scissors and glue.

1. Cut the sheet along the long side. The width of the strip is 1 cm (0.4 inch). Fold down the corner.

2. Make another fold.

3. Again fold the strip of the paper.

4. Make one wrap around the stem of your paper rose.

5. Twist it.

6. Make a bend, as in the step 3 and continue wrapping the strip of paper around your paper rose.

7. Repeat these steps until the strip ends.

8. Glue the end of the strip to the flower. Bent the stem and glue it to the bottom of the paper rose. Done.

9. You can spray your rose with a hair spray and powder with glitter.

10. Here are different types of paper roses that you can do with your own hands.

11. To make a bunch of paper roses, make stems out of wire wrapped in green paper, then glue the roses’ buds to the stems. Our paper rose is finished.


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