Hazel Hamilton

Origami Butterfly

Origami butterfly is the scheme for beginners. The equipment of origami is very simple, as all ingenious. The butterfly executed in equipment of origami looks very gracefully and at the same time simply. Once having mastered this, you'll remember it forever.

And at any time will be able to delight any interlocutor, having instantly created a charming butterfly from a simple sheet of paper or from a usual table napkin.

For work you need the square sheet of white paper with a length of die of 15 cm. On paper it is necessary to plan lines of a bend on both diagonals and two bends through the middle of the parties.

Further, it is necessary to connect cores of two opposite sides. As a result at you such double triangle has to turn out here. Lines of a bend have to be accurate, for this purpose always carry out on them a nail or any firm subject.

The lower corners of a triangle it is bent down to top, leaving the lower triangle untouched.

Now overturn all hand-made article and bend down triangle top to the middle of the lower side so that the tiny corner symbolizing the head of a butterfly slightly supported limits of edge of a triangle.

Now connect wings of a butterfly and slightly we pinch paper in the middle to create imitation of a little body of a butterfly. That the butterfly always held wings in especially beautiful, raised situation, it is possible to drip in a middle fold a drop of instant glue and on couple of seconds to squeeze a body of a butterfly.

Now paint a butterfly any light color, and on edge wings can be darkened slightly usual cosmetic shadows. Shadows are perfectly shaded and create excellent game of flowers. Especially gently butterflies of light flowers look. For this purpose use blue, yellow, green or pink paint. Dark butterflies will be lost against dark needles.

For creation of special solemnity it is possible to decorate a butterfly with pastes and spangles. If you use dry spangles, in the beginning scatter on a butterfly hairspray, and then strew lightly with spangles.

Fully complete butterfly can serve as excellent ornament for a fir-tree or a table. If you fix it on a tape or a clip, it will remarkably decorate a table festive napkin.

Having connected a thread some butterflies of different flowers and the sizes, you can create the whole garland from the flitting butterflies for a fir-tree or a window opening.

Charm of Japanese butterflies also that they serve as ornament for your house not only at the New year, but also at any other holiday.


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