Valentina Ramos

Origami Lotus

It’s quite easy to make an origami lotus, using paper of different colors and sizes you can create different lotus flowers. You can decorate a room or a nursery with these lotuses; create a kind of a kusudami ball gluing the flowers together. However, these are only a few ideas of how you can use this craft. It’s all up to you. Flowers have always been and will be a nice decoration for your home or office. Both natural and paper flowers can give you a warm and cozy feeling.

In order to make an origami lotus we will need 12 rectangular sheets of paper. It is convenient to use a half of sheet of 8 * 8 cm (3*3 inches). To make a beautiful and naturally looking lotus we will take two different colors of paper for petals and leaves.

Let's Take A Closer Look At How To Make An Origami Lotus:

1. Fold a sheet of paper in half, picture 2.
2. Fold all the four corners inward toward the center, picture 3 and 4.
3. Now, once again, fold the upper edges of the rectangle downward to the center, picture 5.

Make 12 pieces, 4 of them should be green. After that, assemble them in the right order and fasten together.

Take two colored and one green pieces. Put them one into another, the green one on the top 7.

Repeat this 4 times.

Put 4 parts together and press them in the center to make them stick well. You’d better use a thread for this purpose: it fixes the flower well; you can use the long end of the thread to attach your lotus, picture 8.

Evenly spread the lotus petals, picture 9.

Now carefully lift the top sheet of the paper. This will be our first petal. Go on with the next petal, do the same with every second petal in the first row, picture 10 and 11.

Thus, all the petals are done, continue with the leaves. Don’t lift them up, just spread, picture 12.

Your origami lotus is ready. It’s a very simple origami craft even for the beginners.


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