Kaylee Collins

Origami Horse

This pattern is made in such a way to represent horse legs, neck and tail so that they would look natural. It is made of an equilateral triangle that has smaller angle than the usual square sheet of paper. To follow this instruction, take a large sheet of paper.

The following pictures show how to make an equilateral triangle using a square.

Make an internal reverse crease over to the top.

Do not forget to do the same on the opposite side.

When you’ve folded this triangular part inwards, get back to the original. Fold it the same way on the opposite side (repeat steps 7-14 on the other side).

Unfold the item and correct the shape by pulling ends marked by * inwards.

Fold to ends downwards.

Push the crease inwards on one side, as if you were opening it.

Fold it as shown.


Inside reverse fold.

Fold the top layer in this direction.

Inside and outside reverse folds. Inside reverse fold.

Open it and make an outside reverse fold. Repeat on the other side.

Place the indicated fold into the model.

Make two outside reverse folds.

Outside reverse fold.

Inside reverse fold. At this stage you should shape the horse position. It is not necessary to make it the same as in the original one.

Complete model.


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