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How To Draw A Boat

The picture of a boat may become the base for drawing a bigger picture. A boat with a small sail depicted on the background of sea or a scene showing people fishing will be a beautiful painting that will only add to your collection of pictures. It’s quite complicated to draw a boat close to life. That’s why beginner artists should necessarily draw the picture step-by-step. It’s also very important to make no mistakes in the very beginning and draw the outline the way it should be drawn. A boat has lots of straight lines. Therefore, you may use a ruler. It doesn’t matter what exactly you’ll use and how you’ll draw. The main thing is for the picture of the boat to be symmetrical and neat. Let’s try drawing it.

1. How to draw the first outline of a boat?

A boat has a very strict symmetry and exact proportions. That’s why the way the picture of the boat will look in overall depends on the way you draw the first outline. There is nothing too much complicated that you need to draw. Start with drawing an extended oval and only two lines inside it. They will serve as the lines for the crossbars of the seats. Irrespective of the fact that this task may seem to be easy, it’ll be hard to draw these things. The oval may not be drawn the way it should right away. Do not press the pencil too much. You’ll probably have to correct some lines several times.

2. We draw one more oval inside the boat

This is the stage when you need to draw one more oval for the inner outline of the boat. Its form is quite the same as the form of the previous outline. The only thing is that it’ll be narrower. The right side of it connects with the seats. On the picture, the left board will face you with its inner side and the right one with its face side. Pay attention to the way the boat on our picture is drawn and compare it with your own picture. The edges of the seats located along the left board are located lower than the second outline line of the left board.

3. Adding details to the picture of the boat

This is the stage when it’ll be much easier to draw the boat since the base outline of the boat has already been drawn. You only need to add small details to the picture. A wooden boat is built of bend lengthwise boards. The boards are connected to the cross ribs. That’s why you need to draw them inside. This way the picture of the boat will be more close to life. You draw all the rest details looking at our picture. Now, the first outline serves you as an orienting for drawing the back and front parts of the boat. Now, you need to erase all the unnecessary lines of the oval with an eraser.

4. How to draw the inner carcass?

It may be said that the picture of the boat is nearly finished. It’s not necessary to do what is said to do on this stage. You already have all the shaping lines and details of the boat drawn. The only thing left is to draw and paint sea or a lake. However, if you want to draw absolutely all details of the boat, then, you may draw the cross bars of the boat’s carcass (the ribs). Try making the ones that are up and down of equal thickness.

5. The wooden boat built out of boards.

The boat is built with the help of long boards. In order for the water not to leak in between the boards, the gaps are caulked with tow. Since you have drawn the inner part of the boat in a very detailed way, go on drawing the outer part in details as well. There is nothing complicated about it. You need to simply draw several lengthwise lines along the board. Check thoroughly all the details of the picture one more time. For example, since the seats are thick, you need to show it on the picture with the help of parallel lines etc.

6. The picture of the boat. The final stage

If you’re going to leave the picture as it is (drawn in pencil), you only need to add shades to the picture using a softer pencil. You may colour the picture with colourful pencils and draw blue sea or a blue lake. You may draw a fisherman or a oarsman inside the boat.


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