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How To Make A Birthday Card

A DIY card is the most popular gift that children make to adults. Making greeting cards is a creative process that has a positive impact on the child’s development. First of all, it’s a method to teach your child to exercise attention and care of a loved one. It is also important that making cards with their own hands, children practice fine motor skills working with scissors, colored paper and glue. Making cards with their own hands, children develop creative thinking and imagination, learn to be patient and neat. In this tutorial, we will share with you interesting ideas of DIY birthday cards.

DIY Birthday Cards

You can make many nice cards using multi-colored buttons. We will show some original cards.

On the photo below a baby elephant and the sun are made of scrapbook paper. Such paper is often used to make DIY greeting cards. The grass on the card is made out of ordinary double-sided green paper. The paper was cut in thin stripes and fluffed to make it look more 3D like. Balloons are made from colored buttons. Balloon strings are real strings. We think that it’s a very nice homemade 3D birthday card for a loved one.

How To Make A DIY Greeting Card

Here is another variation of a homemade birthday card decorated with buttons. On this card balloons are made from buttons, too. The card’s base is made from scrapbook paper.

3D Homemade Greeting Cards

Using buttons, you can make both balloons and real air-balloons! Clouds are cut from the ordinary white paper, the basket and slings are drawn with a black pen. We’ve made an original homemade greeting card. It can make a good gift for both men and women.


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