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How To Thread A Sewing Machine

Before to start the use of a sewing machine, one needs to scrutinize instruction and learn to thread a machine. Threading of each a machine implies the use of two threads simultaneously – the upper and the lower ones. The lower thread is taken from the spool located in the bobbin and the top one is installed on its place and with simple manipulations, it is handled into the machine needle. Regardless of the machine model- as there are manual, footed, electric machines- the increased caution must be observed in the process of threading of a machine as well as at the sewing moment.

1. It is suggested first to acquaint oneself with the structure diagram of a sewing machine so that it would be simpler for the starting seamstress to understand the threading scheme.

2. Reel the thread on a bobbin, together with this, take a spool for the upper thread. Then, place the spool on the upper pin (special space for the spool with threads is always based on one and the same place).

3. Fill the upper thread: as a rule, there are instructions on every machine, most frequent of all, on the very body of it. The upper thread is the one, which is taken from the spool and stretched out into the needle's eye. Immediately before stretching out, one necessarily needs to raise the foot and place the needle to its uppermost position.

4. Carefully check the thread tension: the regulator is present in the modern machines, there are also several positions, which influence the final intensity of tension.

5. Carefully check, if all the stages of the upper threading are done correctly. Start the lower threading, for which you should switch off a drive or a flywheel. Insert the bobbin into the place (there can be differences here, depending on a model of a machine). Having finished, one must turn on a wheel and turn it several times until you get enough thread on the bobbin.

6. Insert the bobbin case into the shuttle device, at the same time the bobbin finger must coincide with an opening of the shuttle device. In case of correct installation, a typical click must be heard.

7. Take out the thread through an opening of a shuttle race slide and close it. All that is lacking is to connect both threads and get them back, under the foot.

8. The general threading scheme is the following:

Now you know how to thread a sewing machine, and after a scrutiny of all stages, you will easily handle this task. For a check, rotate a flywheel a little, after lowering and a rise of the needle from the shuttle race slide, there must be a loop of the lower thread on the upper one. As we see, threading of a sewing machine is not a completely simple matter, it requires concentration and observance of the strict sequence. However, having done this procedure several times, you will be able to carry out already usual actions in a very short time.


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