Stephanie Berry

Crochet Braids

Today's lesson we will dedicate to the study of the pattern like braids. Thus, the implementation of the principle of braids is similar to the performance of "Relief columns right and wrong without yarnover". The difference is that the columns are braided not into the distance between the columns, but into the loops of columns themselves. Let’s get started!

Face Side

1. I start with such a cloth. It is made of relief columns so that the comparison of the columns can be seen.

2. We put the crochet into the first nearest loop.

3. And now we put the crochet into the next loop on the direction from the wrong side to the face one.

4. We hook the working thread.

5. We pull the working thread thru the loops of the previous string, two loops will come out on the crochet.

6. We put the working thread thru the loops on a crochet.

7. After making like this the whole string on a face side such a pattern will come out.

8. And on the wrong side there will be such a braid.

Wrong Side

1. We have the wrong side, since every article has a face and a wrong side. When braiding we consider the side we work with and braid the strings accordingly. While turning we do not change the name of the side. We turn the braiding, put in the crochet from the face side (farther away at the moment) into the nearest loop.

2. And now we put the crochet into the next loop from the wrong side to the direction of the face one.

3. Hook the working thread.

4. We stretch the working thread thru the loops of the previous string.

5. We take the working thread thru to loops on a crochet.

6. Having braided the string till the end, such a wrong side will come up.

7. Having braided two more strings, you’ll get such a braided pattern. I made the pattern tight, but you can make it more airy. In this case braids are more distinct, and the intervals between them become smaller.

Such a pattern is of very high density, as if in two layers. Also, it stretches well, I often use it as a ribbing.


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