Rose Castro

Finger Crochet

We all got used to the classical methods of knitting. Many craftsmen work with a crochet hook or needles, many of them use a hook or a needle for weaving. In this tutorial, we offer you a new method of knitting that does not involve needles or a hook. Only a thread and your hands.

When you are finished, you will get a kind of a twisting chain.

You will need only a thread.

Thick yarn is a good choice to start with. It is easy to crochet with your fingers, and you will see the result pretty soon.

Hold the thread between your thumb and hand so that the tail was on the back of your hand.

Take the working end of the yarn, leaving the end between your thumb and the hand. Place the thread behind the middle finger and on the ring.

Now loop around your little finger, go under the ring and over the middle.

Then loop around your index finger.

Now come back. Go under the middle finger and over the ring. Then, loop around the little finger going under the ring and over the middle.

Starting with the little finger, pull up the bottom loop over your finger taking it over the first loop.

Do the same to every finger, moving the bottom loop over the top one. Place the end between the index and the middle. This is the basics. Now repeat.

Then loop around your index finger.

Repeat until you have two loops on each finger.

Pull up the bottom loop over your finger taking it over the first loop, starting with the little finger.

Once you’ve finished, just go on repeating the steps above.

The reverse side.

This is how looks like the other side of our finger knitting.

To finish up, cut the thread and pull it through all the loops. If you want to take a break, just pull all the loops on a pencil and put it aside. And you are ready to continue just move all the loops in the same way back on your fingers.

Remove the loops from your fingers and tighten them.

Your finger knitted chain is ready!


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