Daisy Daniels

Crochet Coasters

1. Make a circle out of the thread.

2. We need to crochet it with 2 chain stitches and 7 SC.

3. We tighten up the thread and close the circle with the help of a half-crochet.

4. Make 2 chain stitches.

5. We crochet 5 DC out of the first SC.

6. We connect the 1st and the 5th DC on the wrong side with the help of a half-crochet.

7. Make 2 chain stitches and crochet a petal out of the following crochet.

8. Now we have 8 petals. Our first coaster had 7.

9. Take a thread of a different colour. We need to crochet the 2nd row of petals. However, now we make 4 DC instead of 5.

10. Here, we crochet a little bit different in comparison with what is shown on the scheme. (On the scheme, the petals of the second row are crocheted out of chain stitches and are located between the petals of the 1st row). In our case, we crocheted one petal out of the petal and one petal out of the chain stitch.

11. Here we are. This is our flower. We crochet the 3rd row the same way.


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