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How To Sew A Bra

A corset and a bra are truly the hardest things to sew. After a jacket of course. The complication is that the underwear should fit perfectly, hide the things you don’t want to show, and show the things you don’t want to hide. That’s why hardly a tailor will take such a job, even skillful and experienced ones. It doesn’t seem to be difficult to sew a bra, but there are many tricky points. You can try copying your favorite bra and making a sewing pattern. However, the processing technology is much more difficult to do.

First, you should decide what kind of bra you want to make. If you have the templates that you’re sure about, you can do the cutting and sewing right away. In case you have none, try to make the templates based on your favorite bra. As you can see, there’s no need in ripping your bra. Just lay out the piece as shown in the picture below, pin it in several spots and fix it along the contour.

As for the cup, you need to make a seam to have the paper template more accurate.

When you have the template, estimate the amount of material required. Buying the fabric make sure that it is of the same quality as the fabric of the original bra. It is important. Now you can do the cutting.

Make a cup first. Fix a 0.5 mm elastic to the top of the cup and stretch it a little while sewing. Iron the stitches with a block and make a seam 1 mm from the edge.

When the cups are done, make the bottom of the bra.

The next stage of the sewing is about attaching the cups to the bottom part. Do this very carefully, so that the cups would look nice. After it is done, sew a braid for the wires.

Then sew the elastic braid as shown in the picture.

Then make the finish line along the braid for the wire.

Insert the wire and fix it. Now you can make the clasp. Use the dense zig sag seam.

Then make the straps and the work will be done.


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