Raelynn Fowler

How To Sew A Sweater

Knitted things do not go out of fashion for decades. This material is soft and very comfortable to wear. However needlewomen do not like to sew from it, because the fabric is quite "moody". But if the peculiarities of working with flexible materials are taken into account, everything will work out.

We will need:

  • Fabric - jersey, length about 1,20 х 1,50;
  • Threads - 4 pcs. (since I worked on the overlock);
  • Vlieseline thin (just a little);
  • Needles for knitted fabric - 2 pcs.;
  • Twin needle - 1 pc.


Technical drawing:

Details of patterns are copied. Allowances made only on the cut of a neck, shoulder cuts and armholes - 5 mm and on the hem of sleeves and the article - 3 cm. Cut out:

Nonwoven stretches need to be ironed to shoulder cuts of the back (so the seam does not stretch).

Sew up the shoulder and side cuts:

On the sleeves we also make seams. Now sew up the sleeves. For this we put the marks one on another, pin them up, and sew them up:

Neck, bottom of the sleeves and bottom of the article I sewed using a double needle. On the front side - the double straight back stitch, and on the underside - zig-zag:

We iron the ready pullover and enjoy a new article of clothing.


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