Catherine Moreno

How To Decorate A Locker

Your locker is the only personal thing at school. If you devote to it several minutes a day, you may change it so that it will be different from all the rest lockers. In order to decorate your locker follow our advices.


1. Before decorating your locker, read through the regulations of your school. Some schools forbid painting the lockers, others forbid even hanging pictures on them. Read through these regulations (they may be written down in your school handbook) and / or ask the administrator the questions that may arise.

2. Free your locker. In order to start decorating it you need to make sure beforehand that you have enough space for the decoration.

3. Hang a photo in your locker. Photos are the classical decorations for lockers. It is also a good way to show who you’re dating currently and who your friends are. You may take photos of your friends, your family photos or any other photos taken by you. You also may hang a photo collage in your locker.

4. Hang a mirror in your locker. This is a great way to check whether you look good (you may do it during a break). This is also a great way to see carefully who stands behind you.

5. Hang a magnetic or a cork board in your locker. You may write notes on it. For example, you may write down on it the dates of tests or your home task. If you share the locker with someone, you may use the board in order to leave notes for one another.

6. Add magnets inside your locker. You may buy funny / cool magnets that will express your individuality. You may make magnets with photos on them (this can be done on order) or even put inside the locker magnet letters so that to make notes. Magnets are usually not that much decorated, however, it is a good way to leave notes if you do not have space for a cork board in your locker.

7. If there are gaps on the door of your locker, turn them into slots for letters. Just hang an envelope with a wide opening under these slots or an empty container that is small and flat. This way your fiend will be able to leave messages for you.

8. If the door of your locker is painted and decorated from inside, you may write on it (the traces of crayons you write with should be easy to erase). You’d better check if the traces left by a crayon can be easily erased on a small corner of a locker. This way you’ll be sure that you’ll be able to erase it, before you go on using the crayon and confess your love to someone with the help of it.

9. Put into your locker your favourite chinese statuette, a soft toy or any other statuette. Make sure that it is small enough so that you have enough space for all the rest things.

10. Add an aroma inside your locker. The air circulates not so well inside a locker. Therefore, you may use your perfume / cologne or an air freshener to add a pleasant smell to it.

11. Add decorations. As soon as you are finished with putting your things inside the locker, you may go on decorating it. You may decorate it with long ribbons, pieces of a cloth or you may even put your own pictures in frames inside it.


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