Elsa Douglas

Heart Of The Photos

If you want to make an original gift to your loved one or just decorate the interior of your place, try to make a heart of photos. Nowadays, collages become more and more popular displacing the ordinary photo albums. You can place the photos the way you want. Don’t be afraid to experiment.

How To Make A Heart Of Photos

Some pictures from Instagram will do because they are mostly square. You can combine pictures from your phone, tablet, camera, or whatever else takes pictures nowadays. The thing is to make them 3x4 when printing, if you want them to fit into a frame 20x20. You need the picture to be square but make sure you leave small white strips to glue them together. Thus, all the photos will be visible and it will be easier to assemble the heart.

Don’t be afraid to use some funny photos, because such gift would cause smile and good mood. The moments spent with friends and family are the best for every person.

Take a square of white paper or cardboard 20x20. Draw a heart on it and start sticking the pictures to it.

It’s easier to stick the photos from the bottom. Feel free to overlay them and leave the white strips because you can always cut the edges if you need to. Thus, you will have a heart of square photos.

The only thing is left for you is to choose a lovely frame for the heart and to present your loved one with it.

You can decorate the whole wall in your bedroom. You will have to choose a great number of beautiful photos and decide on the size. If you can find 34 similar frames, you can make a heart-shaped composition of 34 photos on the wall.

If you just want to stick some heart-shaped pictures to the wall, remember that they fade in course of time. You can protect them making them laminated.

You can also make some photos especially for this occasion. You may ask somebody to take some pictures of you showing hearts or forming hearts with your hands or fingers. Don’t forget to change your expression for every photo.

As you can see, there’s a great number of heart-themed presents. And don’t forget to take photos all the time, because what doesn’t stay in your memory stays in the pictures.


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