Delaney Bowman

How To Sew A Wig

Making a wig for daily use can be a very time-consuming task, therefore it is often left to the professionals. If you want to try to make a wig yourself, please be patient and get the necessary tools.

To produce the wig, we will need:

  • unpainted mohair tresses (about 6-7 pcs.);
  • cotton, not too dense, soft fabric of a color similar to the color of the future wig (in this case the wig is designed chestnut, so the fabric will be brown);
  • hair dye (4 120 ml packages).

1. It is necessary to cut out of your fabric a circle diameter 22+2cm (on allowances) = 24 cm. Also, six strips length - 23 cm, a width - 2 cm.

2. Next, we need to stitch 9 darts, arranging them in such a way as to get a hat, good and free fitting on the doll. Darts, which are located above the temple and forehead we make shorter than the occipital ones.

3. Lay off the hat aside. We take the first fabric strip and mohair tress. Making an allowance from the edge of the strip 0.5 cm we begin to stitch. The first line is stitched in parallel to the edge. Then gently unfold the strip with tress under the presser foot so that you can stitch now on the back side, without cutting the tress.

4. Next line (and all subsequent) is stitched by an angle. Again turn around and again stitch by an angle. We keep on doing this until there is 3 cm from the edge of the strip. We cut and fasten the tress by a backstitch. The result is a long strand of mohair hair.

5. In the same way, we make 5 more strands. All in all there are six ones.

6. Take the hat again and stitch the tress along the edge, starting from the back, so that the curls are inside, to the underside of the hat. (Wrong side will be called the one that will touch the doll's head. The darts are stitched on the front side and will be covered by the tresses).

7. Stitching the whole circle, we cut off the tress, and fasten it by a backstitch.

8. Now fold the edge of the hat on the front side, and stitch close to the edge from the wrong side.

9. Turn around and stitch once more far from the edge on the front side. The result is a first line of tresses on a hat.

10. Now we will work on the front side. We take previously made 6 strands and distribute them (anchoring by pins) on the edge of the hat so that the forehead is free. (You can do it on the doll, so it will be clearer.)

11. We stitch each strand by two backstitches to the hat in the place where the first line of tresses is stitched.

12. We again take the tress and begin to stitch it in a spiral from the nape to the top, making allowance from the previous line. Now we make an allowance about 1-1,5 cm, reducing it as we approach the top.

13. On the top we cut off the tress (so that there is some place for forming of a beautiful top) and fasten. The wrong side looks like this.

14. We cut off about 12 cm of the tress. Twist it and fasten by threads. The result is a tail.

15. Where we have left a place for the top, we make a small cut.

16. In this cut we push the tail, with a fluffy side on the front side.

17. Spread the strands on the top.

18. Now, on the reverse side we slightly cut into the end of the tail and put the lobes into sides. We sew them up to the fabric of the hat. The result is the top.

19. The wig is assembled. Slightly cut the bang, and it can be dyed.


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