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How To Make Light Letters

The time when in manufacturing of light letters for outdoor signage specialized firms were engaged have passed. Even the light letters have moved from the street into the house and become an innovative and bright detail of the interior, which is widely used by modern designers. The advent of widely available necessary materials and a variety of electric garlands, makes it possible not to give up bold ideas due to technical difficulties.

How To Make Vintage Light Letters

Let's see which materials and accessories will be needed for the making of lighting and the unusual lighting design of the apartment with your own hands.

First off, you need to come up with a sketch of the letters and here there are no restrictions. Then we need the patterns of letters. They can be printed out yourself or download the layout of the inscription from our post.

Tight foam or extruded polystyrene with a thickness of 2 to 5 cm will fit for the base of the letters. It is of pink or blue colors and is sold in the construction hypermarkets.

This material, to give it the desired shape, can be cut easily by large office knife.

Out of it we cut out our letters on the patterns with the help of a knife and a metal ruler. On the resulting letters, you will need to mark and drill the holes for the bulbs. They should be placed at the same distance from each other and hole diameter should be less than the diameter of the cartridge for a lamp so that backlighting does not fall out.

To add volume to our letters, we will paste them on the end part by a cardboard or a thin, flexible plastic so that the substrate of a letter should be in the middle of the strip.

The width of a strip for pasting can be different. We choose ourselves how thick the light letters would be. The glue for general purpose or for use with plastic will do.

After we collect our letters completely, they can be painted in the desired color with the help of sprayed paint. For painting works you’d better go outside.

After the paint dries on the letters, we can deal with lighting.

The Lamp Of The Garland

You can use several lighting options in our lamp. You can make an inscription with the help of a garland. This option we will consider as a major one. You can also use self-adhesive LED tape. Its use simplifies the electrical part of our project, and eliminates the need for the drilling of holes. The set includes a remote control that allows you to change the color, and even set the rhythm of color change.

In order to finish the letter with bulky garlands with your own hands it remains only to insert bulbs on the front side and connect them to the cartridges of garlands on the back side.

Making of vintage light letters is complete and you can now place them on the facade of the house, or in the interior.


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