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How To Make A Fridge Magnet

Nowadays it is difficult to imagine a refrigerator that would not be strewn with a variety of colorful magnets. They are brought as a keepsake from distant countries, are presented as souvenirs or simply acquired like a decor element. Do you know that to make a magnet on the refrigerator with your own hands will not be a difficult job? What is needed for that? A minimum of materials, a little patience and a boundless imagination.

An original and fragrant decoration of your refrigerator can become funny magnets made from coffee beans. In this article we will show you a small master class on making a magnet on the refrigerator as a coffee turtle.

How To Make A Magnet On A Fridge

In order to produce a magnet as a turtle, you will need:

  • coffee beans;
  • jute rope;
  • a foam plastic (or a simple sponge for washing dishes);
  • cardboard;
  • scissors;
  • super glue;
  • white glue;
  • brown gouache;
  • vanilla;
  • magnet.

Let’s get started:

1. On the cardboard we draw the silhouette of a turtle and cut it out. A ready template we put to the foam plastic, draw out and cut the workpiece. Using scissors, we gently smooth the edges and make the form of a turtle.

2. Now you need to make the impregnation. For this purpose, we mix a bit of water, brown gouache, white glue and vanilla in a plate. We make our workpiece get impregnated well, press it and give it a dry.

3. With the help of a super-glue we glue a cardboard template to the bottom of the foam plastic turtle, and legs, head and tail we wrap with twine. On the bottom of a turtle in a circular manner we glue the twine and a small magnet.

4. We begin to lay out a turtle shell with coffee beans. The first layer of beans we tightly stick to the foam plastic to each other "face" down, and the second - "face" up, filling up the gaps. Also, we glue the eyes to the turtle, paint them and decorate to your taste.

5. And now, our fragrant homemade magnet on the fridge is ready!


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