Allie Soto

How To Sew A Bow

From this master class you are going to learn how to make a bow. You can decorate hair bands, hair clips, or your clothes with it.

You will need the following:

  • Elastic fabric;
  • Scissors;
  • Thread and needle.

First, cut a piece of cloth 8x12 cm. Make a 1 cm cut on the wrong side. You will turn out the detail through this hole.

Then take the needle with the thread and sew from all sides.

Turn out the cloth through the hole and sew the area.

Then take a double thread, wind it around a rectangle, and tighten it to form a bow.

Then cut a strip 1.5 cm wide and 6-9 cm long, sew it along, turn out the cloth and sew the ends.

Wind the bow in the middle with the strip.

The bow is ready. Use the cloth of different colors. For example, black bow with gold or silver center. Velvet bow would also look nice and delicate. Small beads would add much to it as well.


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