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Baby Crochet Hats

The example hat is crocheted for a child with head circumference of 48 cm. The font height is 18 cm and the rear is 20 cm. It will fit a 1.5-3 years old child.

You will need the following: yarn of 4 different colors – white, grey, peach and pink (use threefold thread 360 m/100 g), crotchets number 4 (for the hat) and number 3.5 (for the flower), scissors, a needle.


Rows from the 1st to the 8th crochet with the grey thread, the 9th row with the white thread, the 10th – peach, the 11th – pink, the 12th – peach, the 13th – white, the 14th – grey and the 15th row and the ears crochet with the grey thread.

Cast on five chain stitches (they usually begin with six chain stitches but you can make five to make the hole on the top smaller). Enclose the chain in a ring with a slipstitch. Then crochet around. Don’t forget to crochet three chain stitches to go up to the next row of single stitches.

1st row: crochet 12 double crochets. You can stick the crotchet either in chain stitches or in the center of the ring.

2nd row: Crochet 24 double crochets from the previous 12, i.e. make two crochets from one. You should stick the crotchet not in the half-stitches of the previous row’s crochet but a little bit lower – in its top. It will not let the pattern go askew.

3rd row: 36 double crochets, i.e. crochet two crochets from every second crochet of the previous row.

4th row: 48 double crochets (make additions to every third crochet of the previous row).

5th row: no additions – 48 double crochets.

6th row: no additions – 48 double crochets.

7th row: 54 double crochets, i.e. add six crochets (in this case to each 8th crochet). Count your crochets from time to time to avoid any mistakes.

Do not add anything from the 8th row. Up to the end of the job you are to make 54 crochets. Crochet the rows from 8th to 14th and don’t forget do vary the color. Then provisionally divide the hat: 22 double crochets – front part, 10 crochets to each ear, 12 crochets – rear part. One ear will be starting between two rows (where you added lifting chain stitches).

Crochet the incomplete last row of double crochets: start at the beginning of one ear and move to the beginning of the other, i.e. don’t make the last 22 crochets. Thus, the rear part will be one row longer then just to cover the neck.

Turn the knitting and begin making the ears. Make turning rows of double crochets. Do not use the technique you applied before. One ear – 10 crochets.

Then knit the hat around: make single crochets along the edges using the pink thread. Approaching the tip of the ear don’t cut the thread and make the ties: crochet 43 chain stitches and go back to the single crochets. Keep knitting around.
Hide the threads after the work is done.

Crochet any flower you like to decorate the hat.


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