Makayla Murray

How To Make A Paper Bag Book Cover

1. Take a paper bag of the suitable size. In this example we use a simple paper bag which to you can be given in any shop. Before beginning, be sure that the bag will be enough completely to cover the book. You will cut off a bag at the edges therefore do not take the too big. If round the opened book there are edges of a bag, so its size is enough.

  • It is best of all to use dense paper. Find dense packages from a usual cardboard though beautiful bags with the laminated surface also will be suitable for these purposes.

2. Cut a bag so that it turned into one big leaf. Begin with the lower part of a bag and cut it on lines of a bend. Remove handles if your bag has them. Then make a vertical section along one of edges. Now before you a big rectangular cardboard.

3. Put a cardboard, as a usual cover from paper. After the bag is cut, to you it will become simpler. Do everything as it was described in the first point of this article, using the cut bag instead of a sheet of paper.

  • Do not pay attention to lines of a bend on a bag. You are not obliged to bend a cardboard on these lines therefore bend it as it will be necessary for you.


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