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How To Make Iron Man Helmet

Iron Man costumes may vary depending on some peculiar factors including fancy, personal budget and perception. Yet, it is found to be infeasible to create the costume that makes the owner unvulnerable and offers the option to fly. That is not feasible, unfortunately. However, the Iron Man costume is easy to make by your own. And options vary greatly: you may use paper, carton paper, fabric, alumina sheet or any other material, or even make it from plastic.

How To Create The Costume

Print out the drawings, take your child’s measurements and add changes to the pattern and you will get your version for the costume. Print out the layout again with all changes added.

The paper for the costume should be of, at least, 160 g/m2. In the opinion of experienced cosplayers, you’d better take a dense whatman paper. Material required are as follow:

  • a sharp cutter or a boxcutter;
  • a special mat for cutting;
  • glass fiber cloth;
  • piercer;
  • glue and hot glue gun;
  • scissors;
  • epoxy resin (also rubber gloves and a respirator to work with resins);
  • acrylic paints (red and golden color);
  • translucent plastic sheet;
  • sand paper.

So, it’s time to start with your helmet making.

Below find the steps on how to make it. First, you print out the pattern of the helmet and cut out all the details. Then, start gluing the details carefully (as if you were gluing the common helmet). All the helmet elements are numbered and so, you need to carefully stick them together (you don’t need to glue the rear part of the mask that is detachable).

Once you’ve finished with the helmet, you need to coat it with the special two-pack glue (epoxy glue containing resin and hardening agent). Secure all the helmet elements from the rear part using ordinary office clasps and coat it with the glue. Try to take the elements in the proportion to let the item dry and usable. Some people use polyester resin instead of the epoxy, but it has too strong and toxic smell and gets dry too longer.

Then, secure the helmet with the glass fiber cloth from inside. To do so, you have to cut the cloth in small pieces and glue each piece to the helmet from inside. Apply the epoxy resin from both sides of the item. When it is dry, sand it to make it shine as if it is cast helmet.

Next, paint your helmet. You need to use two colors, and therefore, you need to ccover the parts to be painted with the different color with the adhesive tape over them: if you paint in red, you cover the parts to be painted in golden color with the tape and vice versa.

The back is done separately. Repeat the procedure above (you glue the elements, secure with the glass fiber cloth from inside, sand it and paint the back). The ears are made in paper in the rounded form but you may choose to make it from wood and glue to the helmet. If you want to put on and take off your helmet, use magnets or any ordinary manual mechanism (an option is the sticker). Enjoy your helmet.


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