Violet Bell

How To Make Your Own Lotion

There is no doubt that properly hydrated skin looks better, especially during the cold winter months when it is prone to flaking and itching. Unfortunately, if you constantly buy a body lotion, it will cost you a fortune. Thus, it is easy to wonder whether there is a secret ingredient in the lotion?

Few people realize that the basic recipe for any lotion is incredibly simple: oil and water are mixed together with an emulsifier. In fact, anyone can create a lot of luxurious body lotion directly in the kitchen for just one dollar.


1. Mix the oil which you have chosen (a half of the cup) with two tablespoons of emulsifier (usually it is beeswax or Vaseline) in a container for a microwave oven, (like a glass beaker).

2. Heat the mixture at a medium temperature, checking it every thirty seconds, until the ingredients are completely melted.

3. Gradually pour the distilled water in the mixture, stirring it with a fork ю until all ingredients are thoroughly mixed up. You can also use a blender to get a softer cream. Use a low speed of the mixer and dip the beaters into the tank before you turn it on. Otherwise, you can splash hot beeswax and oil everywhere.

4. Let your lotion become cool and thicken. You can put it into a clean jar using a spoon. You can also double the amount of ingredients for this recipe and pour the lotion in bottles with a pump or a tight lid for easy use.

5. Use it with pleasure!


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