Violet Bell

How To Make Rosewater

You can make a rosewater at home and even keep for yourself. The rosewater was first mentioned in the Middle Ages. It is still used for the preparation of drinks and spirits, as well as for the body mask - to give the fragrance and moisturizer the skin.


1. Take the fresh roses, a large saucepan and distilled water (you can buy it in a drug store).

2. Start by plucking the petals of a rose (you need only the petals!). The result will be better if we use fresh-cut flowers. If you use the roses purchased from the shop, it is necessary to rinse the petals in cold water.

3. It is very difficult to organize the extraction process at home, so you should use the old-fashioned method. Put the petals in a large saucepan and fill it with distilled water. The water should cover the rose petals. If you put a lot of water, it will result in a dramatic reduction of aromatic compound's concentration in the effluent. Cover the pan with a lid and cook on low heat until the petals will lose its color.

4. As soon as the petals lose their color, you need to pour the liquid to the jars. When the liquid becomes cool, pour it in bottles. The bottles can be made of glass or plastic. It will be very handy to pour the rosewater into a sprayer. That is how you can make the natural rosewater.

5. Keep the rosewater in a cool place and apply it by splashing on the skin. Rose water has a delicate and subtle aroma. When you splash the water to the skin, it will be moisturized and becomes fresh, having a light scent of roses.


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