Aaliyah Roberts

How To Draw A Cartoon Monkey

Step 1. Start with drawing a big circle that will be your monkey’s head. Add some lines to make the facial features. Sketch the main lines for arms, legs and the tail.

Step 2. We then draw some hair on its head and two large ears. Then add the cheeks and work over its arms.

Step 3. Now proceed with her lower part. Add details to her tail that will be swirly and make her crossed legs look more natural.

Step 4. Finish the monkey’s arms and legs and move back to the face. Draw two big circles for eyes and add three little circles inside each eye. Colour the space between those circles. Add a charming smile and a cute little tongue that will be sticking out. Add some more lines to make a nose, eyebrows, and cheeks and start erasing the lines from step 1.

Step 5. Your monkey should look like this now. All you need to do is to colour it. I hope you enjoyed this tutorial.


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