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How To Make Stress Balls

It is very easy to make such ball with one's own hands therefore don't spend in vain money for such purchase, and read this instruction and make the unique ball smilie (or still that) for removal of a stress. Besides, such ball can be used as a children's toy, for juggling or to present it as an original Easter egg.

The Following Will Be Required To You:

  • flour (as alternative — rice or beans);
  • funnel (or plastic bottle);
  • yellow balloons (for an external layer);
  • balloons of other flowers (for an inside layer);
  • a marker for balloons;
  • scissors.


1. Take balloons and serially inflate them everything, and then lower from them air. It will allow balls to stretch a little and will facilitate your further actions.

2. Take the stretched ball of any color (except yellow) and insert into it a funnel. If near at hand there is no funnel, then can make it of a plastic bottle — just cut off the top part.

3. Through a funnel fill a ball with flour, rice or beans. The choice of a filler depends on result which you are going to receive. For example the ball with flour will be softer, than a ball with beans.

4. When fill necessary quantity tie a ball neck on 1-2 knots. It will prevent dispersal of a filler.

5. Take a yellow ball and cut off a neck as shown in drawing below.

6. Stretch a yellow ball and place inside a ball with a filler. Two layers of balloons create additional durability and you can be sure that the filler won't be scattered.

7. Well and at the end, it necessary to add your additional strokes. If you make a smiley — then choose a mug and draw it with a marker for balloons on a yellow surface. And to cover a neck of a yellow balloon — tie it a small knot, and strong tie to this small knot (paste) a pompon. About that how to make a pompon you can read here. Anyway All finishing touches on your discretion.


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