Daisy Daniels

Crochet Hook Case

Let’s start crocheting: we crochet a chain of stitches. Make as many as you wish. In our case, there are 60. We crochet a dc into the second loop from the crochet. Then, we crochet the whole chain with single crochets. We crochet 3 sc into the last loop. Go on crocheting single crochets in each loop on the wrong side of the chain. Turn the article: 1 chain stitch, 1 sc in each single crochet of the previous row. Then, we make additions according to the scheme.

We define how wide the article should be by putting the hook on it.

Here is a canvas that we have.

This is the inner part of the future case. We crochet the “shell” of it the same way. We have 2 details that look the following way.

In order to make the article more solid we have decided to insert inside it cardboard. The details that you cut out of it should be smaller than the details of the case.

Then, we put 2 crochet details together (the wrong side is inside) and crochet then with single crochets. This way we connect the details with each other. Do not crochet the shortest side (do not cut off the thread) we’ll insert the cardboard through it. Firstly, we insert a “rounded” part.

In order the cardboard stayed on its place we have decided to stitch the place where there will be a bending. Then, we insert 1 rectangular piece of cardboard and also stitch it. Insert the last piece and go on crocheting till the end using the rest of the thread. Here is what we have.

We nee to fix the hooks themselves rather tightly! You may stitch an elastic band. However, since we didn’t have an elastic band of a matching colour, we took a yellow thread, folded it in halves and started crocheting a chain of chain stitches. At the same time, we tied it down to the necessary places. This depends on your hooks. We crocheted 4 chain stitches rather tightly and tied each 3rd crochet down!

There are also a fastening for crayons and pins on the rounded part of the article.

Now, we only have to think of how we’ll close our case! You may simply stitch a button! We crocheted a ball, stuffed it with polyester and stitched it to the article.

On the flap we make a loop out of chain stitches, This is what we have.

This is how it look from inside once you put your things into it!


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